Announcing Korz-RL II

Korz-RL II has been anncouned for the 7DRL 2016.

This time around there will be no action mode, but the levels will still be inspired by the Kroz game and the whip will still be the primary weapon. Hopefully I have learned something from the criticism of the first game.

New will be space traveling, using the classic Trek games interface (popular BASIC game from mainframe, many years ago).

The game will be written in Oracle Nashorn (JavaScript for the JVM), which is part of Java 8. Java runtime 8 will be required for this game. It will use the same library as the first Korz-RL game, so the ASCII graphics will be emulated and graphics mode will be required.

The current plan is to write a simple starting point for both game modes and then try to add new features to both each day, this should hopefully result in something playable by the end of the week.


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