Day #3 / #4 diary

I spend some hours on the game and have now implemented most important parts of the turn-based Rogue-Like mode. Unfortunately the line of sight algorithm is extremely dumb (just show X tiles up/down/left/right to player), but I really don’t have time to implement real RogueLike-worthy algorithms.

The whole idea of the game is that you can switch between the “action” (Kroz a-like) and RogueLike mode at a press of a button at any time. If I have time I will implement some spells that can only be cast in RogueLike mode.

My spare time will go to implementing levels. I dumped the idea of having hardcoded levels, I simply don’t have time for this. All levels will be generated using a simple algortithm that should create levels that will be somewhat in the spirit of the original Kroz game series.


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