Introducing KORZ-RL (7DRL 2015-entry)

Introducing KORZ-RL, my entry for the 7DRL 2015 competition.

This will (hopefully!) be my first RogueLike game I will ever develop. I have exactly one week to complete it.

Planned game will be to create a Kroz (very early Apogee game)-alike game (hardcoded levels+enemies) and add more and more RogueLike-features to it.

Tomorrow, on the 7th of March I will write its first line of code.
Planned development language is Java 7, so players will need a Java 7-compatible runtime to run the game. I plan to use the “ASCIIPanel” component to save valuable development time.

It will use old-school (emulated) ASCII text mode for “graphics”.

I plan to regularly post updates on the game’s development here.


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