Announcing Korz-RL II

Korz-RL II has been anncouned for the 7DRL 2016.

This time around there will be no action mode, but the levels will still be inspired by the Kroz game and the whip will still be the primary weapon. Hopefully I have learned something from the criticism of the first game.

New will be space traveling, using the classic Trek games interface (popular BASIC game from mainframe, many years ago).

The game will be written in Oracle Nashorn (JavaScript for the JVM), which is part of Java 8. Java runtime 8 will be required for this game. It will use the same library as the first Korz-RL game, so the ASCII graphics will be emulated and graphics mode will be required.

The current plan is to write a simple starting point for both game modes and then try to add new features to both each day, this should hopefully result in something playable by the end of the week.


Minor v1.01 maintenance update released

Today I’ve uploaded a small maintenance v1.01 release.

Most important changes:

  • Added “wait” key for Roguelike mode (default: numpad button 5)
  • Now keeps high score
  • Bugfix: crash when pressing R on main menu and there was no game to resume
  • Internal change: minor modifications of level generator parameters
  • Arrow keys and ESC key now always work in game (but can still be overridden by redefining keys)
  • Added about screen

Download the new version of the game here

UPDATE: Fixed bad link

Game released

I completed the game. Sorry for not blogging here the last few days!

You can download the original 7DRL v1.00 version of the game here.

Short gameplay video:

Note that it requires the Java 7 run-time and that the game require graphics (its ASCII characters are emulated). I did not have a chance to run a game on a different machine, so I don’t have any idea how (or even whether) the game will run on non-Windows/core i7 machines.

A huge thanks to Trystan for his AsciiPanel Java Swing component that I had tons of fun with during development (

screenshot1  screenshot2

screenshot3 screenshot4

Day #3 / #4 diary

I spend some hours on the game and have now implemented most important parts of the turn-based Rogue-Like mode. Unfortunately the line of sight algorithm is extremely dumb (just show X tiles up/down/left/right to player), but I really don’t have time to implement real RogueLike-worthy algorithms.

The whole idea of the game is that you can switch between the “action” (Kroz a-like) and RogueLike mode at a press of a button at any time. If I have time I will implement some spells that can only be cast in RogueLike mode.

My spare time will go to implementing levels. I dumped the idea of having hardcoded levels, I simply don’t have time for this. All levels will be generated using a simple algortithm that should create levels that will be somewhat in the spirit of the original Kroz game series.

Day #1 / #2 diary

The first day (Satuday) was a very productive one. Without too many problems I created a room with some tiles, a movable player character and some real-time enemies and implemented the Kroz-alike whip.

The game had some small issues that I corrected today (Sunday evening). I was away almost the whole Sunday, so I could not do much. At least I could fix some issues and implement collision detection.

Time will be my biggest enemy implementing the game in the rest of the week, but I’ll do my best to deliver something playable.

Introducing KORZ-RL (7DRL 2015-entry)

Introducing KORZ-RL, my entry for the 7DRL 2015 competition.

This will (hopefully!) be my first RogueLike game I will ever develop. I have exactly one week to complete it.

Planned game will be to create a Kroz (very early Apogee game)-alike game (hardcoded levels+enemies) and add more and more RogueLike-features to it.

Tomorrow, on the 7th of March I will write its first line of code.
Planned development language is Java 7, so players will need a Java 7-compatible runtime to run the game. I plan to use the “ASCIIPanel” component to save valuable development time.

It will use old-school (emulated) ASCII text mode for “graphics”.

I plan to regularly post updates on the game’s development here.